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A Worthy Investment

Harris & Ford, LLC is fully invested in both the local and global community. Our involvement allows us to bring positive, measurable change as well as learn the rich diversity that our community holds.

Community - Employee Involvement


H&F team members are afforded several opportunities throughout the year to engage and impact lives with regularly scheduled Community Action Days.

Community - Turning Point Schools


  • Community of Scholars Program

  • Single Mother Housing/Education

  • Turning Point Schools

  • Boys Scouts of America

  • Gleaners Food Bank

  • Habitat For Humanity

  • Wheeler Mission

  • TM Youth Leadership Program

Community - Hometown Programs

Turning Point Schools

Located less than a mile from Harris & Ford, Turning Point Schools is an A+ rated

faith based institution that we support.


  • Citizens of Kenya​ Program

  • Truth Ministries Youth Camp

  • India Orphanage Program

  • Uganda Initiative Program

Community - Global Initiatives
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